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Late night thougts

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I blame you for things I really shouldn’t. I can’t blame you for letting me fall in love with your smile, your eyes and your sweet words. I should blame myself, because from the beginning I knew you were no good. But ohgod it felt so good.

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i wonder …

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Do you know that when a boy breaks a girl’s heart, its much, much, much more than you know it affected her? That her tears are not only to show how much it hurt but to at least try to blur out the world so she can forget? That she thinks every sleeping and waking moment what the hell did she did wrong? That when she looks at the photos of you with her, she tries to tear it but can’t because they’re very beautiful memories to keep? That she can’t throw away the gifts and carefully preserved chocolate you gave her because you gave it to her? That whenever she thinks of the “I love you” words you told her, she mutters “I love you, too” but realizes she can’t say it anymore? That its like the whole world tumbling before her very eyes? NO. You don’t know what it feels like. You don’t know how it feels to be cheated, to be left, to be fooled. And its taken very seriously because, once a girl loves, a girl really loves.


I can’t remember the last time i woke up so happy. The last time where i am so excited to face a new morning where i know i will face a lot of good happenings. Can’t remember the last time i was so excited to go to some places that i really like and hang out with my friends. I am still trying to remember the last time i prettied myself up because i know i am going to see my special someone later. I don’t think i can still remember the last time i smiled, a true smile to everyone. I can’t recall the last time i laugh with my tears are about to run down from my eyes because of too much joy. It’s funny how i still want to be the same just like before. But i don’t know how. I can’t even remember the last time i woke up with a smile on my face because i know i am so thankful that i am still alive. But now i don’t think i still have reason for me to have those moments again if i am completely lost and i can’t find myself.

too much feels :(


Naaalala mo pa ba? Naaalala mo pa ba nung unang beses kang nagtext sakin? Naaalala mo pa ba nung unang beses kang tumawag sakin? Naaalala mo pa ba kung pano ka nahulog sakin at ako sayo? Yung una nating pagkikita, naaalala mo pa ba? Yung pakiramdam nung unang beses mo akong niyakap at hinawakan ang kamay ko? Yung pakiramdam nung una mo akong hinalikan? Naaalala mo pa lahat? Nung unang beses mo akong napatawa? Nung nakita mo akong ngumiti ng dahil sayo? Nung unang beses nating nagkasama? Naaalala mo pa ba yung unang umaga na nakita mo akong katabe mo? Yung unang beses na nakilala ko ang pamilya mo? Naaalala mo pa ba bawat bagay na kinahihiligan kong gawin? Mga mannerisms ko? Kung pano ako matulog? Yung sulat ko? Yung mahaba kong buhok na gustong gusto mo? Kung pano mo hawakan ang bewang ko at kung pano mo ako yakapin mula sa likod ko, naaalala mo pa ba? Kung gano mo ako kamahal dati, naaalala mo pa ba?


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That moment when after how many years you’ve already found somebody to love but it’s complicated as sht…


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